Wednesday, January 7, 2009

my first CSC 119 class 07 Jan 09

it was not the first class actually... but the first CSC 119 class with lecture... and the lecturer was changed from Puan Zuriati to Encik Abdul Malik. from today onwards, Encik Abdul Malik will be our lecturer.

the class was really fun and cheerful because Encik Malik is a nice and cheerful person, plus the colourful textbook that is being used.

we discussed briefly covering topics in chapter 1, since most of us haven't bought the textbook yet. I was lucky because my classmate Adib helped me to find one from our senior and I spent only RM25 for the textbook beside RM50 if I buy a new copy from the bookstore.

in chapter 1, we discussed about basic knowledge of Information Technology which mainly comprises of computers, the internet and what we need to become proficient in Information Technology. the topics started with knowledge of the information system. we learnt the five parts of information system which comprise of people, procedures, software, hardware and data. we then went further to software, types of softwares, hardware and type of hardwares. we also learnt the four types of computers; supercomputers, mainframe computers, minicomputers or midrange computers and microcomputers. we also discussed what are the differences between those types of computers. we went quite thoroughly through the microcomputer type of computer hardwares such as the system unit, storage and communication devices.

connectivity of computers, LAN, MAN and WAN were discussed during the class with the respective peripherals and the revolution of wireless connection.

other topics we discussed on the class was about careers and prospects for the field of computer science. it was an important topic for us since this field change rapidly in terms of technology and peripherals. furthermore the natural language programs for computers is getting near.

on the class, i got an opportunity to distribute three pieces of Linux Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Ubuntu Server edition LiveCDs to Encik Malik. i feel so pleased to hand the CDs since distribution of LiveCDs is only my capability to contribute on open source software projects beside to translate documentation into Bahasa Melayu.

before the class ended, we were asked for a few assignmets. the most interesting assignment which i never experienced before is to create a blog which contain summary of topic covered for each of my CSC119 class with Mr Malik. and it was my first blog. the other assignment is to type an essay which tell brief history of computer evolution, about internet history of creation and the owner of the internet.