Tuesday, February 3, 2009

my view on Open Source Softwares

hum... after thinking for a while... i think that i've become emosional by my excitement to tell you guys my view on Open Source Softwares... hehehee : P

i think it is better for me to share my view by telling stories with my past experience... i don't want to be too bias about this matter or being incite with you guys... ngeee...

and if only i am capable with programming.... things will be far better and computing experience will be much more fun... hehe


  1. ko benti xbgtaw ktowang pown kan..tp xpe arap ko dpt membantu negara..huhu..baris!!baris!!sedia...!!hahaha

  2. good job did u have now.thanks about yours comman......knape mengjut je nak quit.....
    jangan luper kat kiteorg tau kat sniiiii
    rajin2 la datang segamat tau

  3. u should be a hacker juz like me..hehe..
    so good but not so pro

  4. ape kes speking ag..ke laut r ko ni din hahahaha wei ko pe ce skang x kontek aku pn erk.........

  5. there's alot of pros n cons.
    if u want d premium ones, then dont go for open source. hehe.

    btw nice blog.

  6. make sure u get original copy... : )... dosa woo

  7. sir din bile nak jumpe kitorang lagi....
    tak rindu ker.....
    ape-pe hal rajin-rajinlah contack kiteroang kkkkkkkkk

  8. hohh??? sir din?

    ingat nk dtg tgk family day cs aritu... tp tk dpt lee... hehee

  9. capten din.bila ang da jadi komander batalion ti jangan lupa aku~~~~~~!